Board of Directors

President: Jan Merlino
Jan Merlino, who is the original and only President of R/WNES, currently serves in that capacity since the inception in 1996. Prior to that, he had served as Chief of the West Newton Community Ambulance Service since 1983.  He is a Volunteer Paramedic who now spends his time coordinating EMS Education Programs in our Training Center.

Vice-President: John Stants
Mr. Stants has been Vice-President of R/WNES.  Prior to this, he was a volunteer EMT for West Newton Volunteer Ambulance Service. He also currently volunteers as a firefighter at the Turkeytown Fire Department.

Treasurer: Carole Murphy
Mrs. Murphy currently serves as Treasurer of R/WNES and has done so since the inception of R/WNES in 1996. Prior, she volunteered as an EMT for the West Newton Volunteer Ambulance Service. Mrs. Murphy volunteers numerous hours in the Billing Office each week.

Secretary: Joe Leone
Mr. Leone has been Secretary for R/WNES for 15 years.  He is also a volunteer EMT.

Board Member: Verna George
Mrs. George has been a board member for 15 years.  She is also a volunteer EMT.