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Rostraver/West Newton Emergency Services is more than your local EMS Service.

R/WNES responds to over 10,000 requests for help in a typical year.  To do so, we need your help.



Questions and Answers

Q: When can I join?

A: Rostraver/West Newton Emergency Services subscription drive runs from March 1st through February 28th. However, you can sign up at any time.


Q: I currently have health insurance coverage, why join R/WNES?

A: Most insurance companies do not pay ambulance coverage at 100%, or may deny payment, leaving you responsible for the remainder of the balance.  This is where your membership could save you hundreds of dollars.


Q: Where is my membership accepted?

A: Your membership is accepted anytime that R/WNES transport begins or ends in our primary coverage area.  R/WNES has entered into reciprocity agreements with many surrounding ambulance providers for EMERGENCY TRANSPORTATION.  


Q: Is the wheelchair van covered under my membership?

A: Unfortunately, the wheelchair van is not currently covered under the membership program; however, subscribers who are in good standing with R/WNES may be billed for wheelchair van transport.


Q: Can I claim my subscription on my taxes?

A: R/WNES is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization. This means that your subscription or donation can be claimed on your annual tax return.


Q: If someone that resides in my house is sick or injured, does my membership cover the ambulance transport?

A: Yes, your ambulance membership entitles you and your family to emergency transportation, to local and specialty care hospitals.  Unfortunately, federal and state law states that "deductibles have to be met and are not covered under this program".


Q: To whom do I make my check payable?

A: Make your check or money order payable to R/WNES (Rostraver/West Newton Emergency Services, Inc.)


Current Subscription Rates

Individual Subscriptions

This plan only covers the individual named on the membership application.  This plan will not cover any family members or guests that may be visiting the residence.

Cost $60.00


Household Subscription

This plan provided security for the applicant and anyone who resides in the household.  This plan will be extended to anyone visiting your residence. 

Cost $70.00


Business Subscription

This plan provides added security for you and your employees in the event they become sick or injured while at work.

Cost: $250.00

By returning the physical membership application or submitting the digital application, you certify that you are not presently enrolled in any medical assistance programs from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Insurance Policy: We want to stress that this is not an insurance policy.  Acceptance of insurance reimbursements allows us to keep the cost of membership affordable for everyone and provides us with essential funds to maintain and improve services for the communities that we serve.

R/WNES reserves the right to third-party bill your insurance carrier.  Having a subscription will allow R/WNES to accept what the insurance pays as payment in full after deductibles are met.  Federal law does not permit us to write-off insurance deductibles.

Note: If you receive money directly from your insurance carrier, you are responsible to immediately forward that payment to R/WNES.



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